3 Black CBD Wellness Brands Leading with Excellence

3 Black CBD Wellness Brands Leading with Excellence

You need hemp products and you want them to be Black-owned. Worry not: that’s why we’re here. The Plantivia Neighborhood is a North Carolina-based Black-owned hemp company advocating for wellness and supporting our community in the overall cannabis industry. 

Celebrating Black history and culture isn’t exclusive to February. Seeking Black-owned products isn’t a trend to commodify. We’re sharing these products to support the growth, excellence and premium quality of our partners in the hemp industry. 

So in your search for bettering your mind, body and soul, check out our array of inventory from Keep it Hemple and S’Hemper Sweets and Hollingsworth Hemp Company. 

Read on to learn about the variety of CBD products that better your quality of life. Click on the company names to support them on social media.

Keep it Hemple: CBD Wellness Flower and Teas

When life gets overwhelming, kick back with Keep it Hemple. This veteran-owned license-holding manufacturer make life simpler with high quality hemp flower and tea. Enriched with terpenes, their hemp goods are available as smokable hemp and infused tea bags.

Anxiety can be a draining devil to our minds: exorcise them with Anx-i-e-tea. You can ease into your morning, find a moment of peace in the afternoon or wind down in the evening. We sell out frequently, so grab our hemp tea when you can!

Do you prefer smoking or vaping for instant desired effects? Then get your hemp on with Keep it Hemple’s The Grammies pre-rolls and eighths. They’re terpene-rich, which is essential for a well-rounded, effective experience with this plant. Terpenes are theorized to bolster the effects of CBD and other desired cannabinoids. They bring out the uniqueness of each strain.

With the individual pre-rolls, you get to choose from Gelato, Sunset Sherbert and Sour Diesel. These are iconic strains on the MJ side that have robust terpene profiles. 

If you prefer to buy in bulk, pick up 3.5 grams of premium hemp-ness. The Grammies strains include AC/DC, BaOX and Cherry Citrus, all highly respectable and popular hemp strains. 

S’Hemper Sweets: Add CBD-Infused Sweetness to Your Wellness Routine

Looking for sweetness with the charming effects of CBD? Then S’Hemper Sweets’ got you.

They’re a North Carolina-based CBD wellness company that also offers infusion consultations and hemp-infused dinners. We sell their many flavors of CBD isolate honey to satisfy your conscious sweet tooth. The best part of consuming this cannabinoid-infused delight is that it’s easy to measure what works for you!

You can choose from classic raw honey or lemon ginger honey. Both are available in 6 oz jars and individual honey sticks. The honey sticks are great for experimenting before investing in an entire jar. Or they’re a simple on-the-go alternative if you need a natural sweetener or a quick treat.

Hollingsworth Hemp Company: Black Family First Wellness

Hollingsworth Hemp Company is a family-owned business that honors their centenarian matriarch Dorothy Hollingsworth. Based in Seattle, Washington, Team Hollingsworth prioritizes community, wellness and sustainability—all represented with their premium hemp-based products.

As hemp farmers, quality and attention are cornerstones as they give back to the Earth. Their sustainable practices include solar energy, proper climate control, and richness of the soil. 

We carry 2 variations of their moisture-rich lotions and soaps: hemp seed and CBD-derived. Each is infused with essential oils to ensure your skin is properly nurtured. 

CBD x Moisturizer Cream contains 150mg of broad spectrum hemp CBD oil and lemongrass. Going beyond making your skin supple, it may also help soothe muscles and joints requiring special attention. It’s a family specialty thanks to Auntie Jackie’s recipe.

The rest of their products we carry come from hemp seeds. We offer 2 lotions: Rose x Lavender and Lemongrass. Choose your favorite scent or go with both!

Their soaps are available in 2 scents: Eucalyptus and Sandalwood x Vanilla. Combined with hemp seeds, these essential oils leave you feeling renewed after cleansing.

Help Us Support Black-Owned CBD Wellness Businesses

Thank you for supporting Black-owned hemp businesses! Whether or not you make a purchase, taking the time to explore each company is appreciated. We’re committed to having the best Black-owned products in our inventory. 

Contact us here if you’d like to see your favorite CBD brands on our site.

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