Co Founder

Rashad Davis

Rashad Davis is an entrepreneurial spirit, real estate professional who specializes in market intelligence, and a Hemp farming and agricultural enthusiast. Rashad combines his 15 plus years of experience in real estate and investment and his families rich history in farming to help spread the knowledge of hemp and the hemp farming industry.

Co Founder

Evarra Evans

Evarra Evans has been a passionate educator for over ten years. She uses her experience in education to help educate a new community of people who are eager to learn about CBD and cannabis as a whole.

Co Founder

Darius Evans

Darius Evans is a Marine Corps Veteran and is very passionate about the science of cannabis. His strengths are in photography and design and is responsible for many of the product shots and content contained throughout this website.


Ahmad “AJ” Jones

Ahmad “AJ” Jones has over 20 combined years of customer service, training and sales experience. This devoted father of three has a welcoming demeanor and loving personality that is sure to win over any crowd. AJ spends his free time mentoring & coaching the young men of New Jersey.   His love for the cannabis community is what drives our sales team. “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”― Bob Marley