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Pureshrooms Functional Super Coffee Creamer (Vanilla)

Pureshrooms Functional Super Coffee Creamer (Vanilla)

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This coconut-based vanilla flavoured powdered creamer is made with functional and organic ingredients: Coconut milk, MCT oil, and 3 adaptogenic mushrooms (Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps). It transforms an ordinary cup of coffee into an extraordinary functional beverage.

A CREAMER LIKE NO OTHER - Contains organic mushrooms extracted from fruiting bodies that are always free of fillers and carriers. MCT helps your body process the caffeine from coffee at a slower rate leading to sustained energy. MCT also helps increase cognitive function and assist in fat burn while providing clean energy.

NON-DAIRY COFFEE CREAMER: Ditch dairy, cut sugar, and fuel our mind and body with our delicious Functional Super Coffee Creamers.

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